Co-pastor, cc dickens and senior pastor Cathy hunter

Co-pastor, cc dickens and senior pastor Cathy hunter

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In 2001, 4000 Ministry, Inc. was founded. We are a Christian ministry thoroughly dedicated to the practical application and administration of God's Holy Word to the hearts, minds and souls of people every where and the execution of this evangelistic work according to His Holy and Perfect Will. We are a nondenominational ministry who supports all people in the community. We are a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.


The 4000 Ministry envisions a place of worship where real people come together to genuinely experience the reality of the Kingdom of God thru the fellowship of preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a focus on helping individuals recognize their purpose and fulfill their destiny; strengthen their households and families while ultimately building a community of believers who are joyfully dedicated to fulfilling the Purpose and Will of our Lord, Jesus Christ.



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1122 W Arch Street, Tampa, FL 33607

PO Box 45197, Tampa, FL 33677

Toll Free Phone: 1.855.950.2500

Locally: 813.443.6874

We'd love to hear from you - please reach out to us via email, website form, or by US mail.

God bless you,

Pastor C Hunter & Pastor CC Dickens



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Hebrews 10 and 25


Senior Pastor Cathy Hunter | Founder

Co-Pastor CC Dickens | Founder

Katy Osadetz | Chief Treasurer

Evang. Sandra Little | Executive Administrator

M. D. Dickens | Deacon Board Chairman

Elaine Hunter | Trustee


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